Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles

At the core of Maksisi Lawyers’ Guiding Principles is you, the client.
We deliver quality legal services to all clients through the following Guiding Principles.

Client Focused – our founding principle is to be wholly client focused. Keeping clients at the heart of what we do means you will always be front of mind.

Quality Driven– we provide all clients (whether big or small, individuals or corporations) with quality legal service, that adds value and delivers results.

Accessible and Transparent – we understand the need to be available to service your legal needs. We pride ourselves on being easy to contact, prompt with completing work and lastly but most importantly easy to understand.

Don’t Choose Us If…

Why do we have a page on our website titled “Don’t choose us if…?”?

The reason: we want you to be aware of what makes us stand out in the profession.

Many websites promote a law firm by telling potential clients ‘why you should choose us’.

We at Maksisi Lawyers (in keeping with our new and innovative approach to legal services) thought we would do things a little differently.


We don’t want you to choose a law firm that:

  1. Doesn’t value you as a client;
  2. Doesn’t listen to your concerns and address them promptly;
  3. Doesn’t go ‘above and beyond’ to ensure that you are satisfied with the level and quality of Legal service you are paying for, and to ensure the best result for you; and
  4. Doesn’t respond or acknowledge your communications.

If these issues are as important to you as they are to us, then please call, email or drop into our offices so that we can service your legal needs.

We want you to choose Maksisi Lawyers. Let us provide you with the high-quality legal service that you deserve. Our client-focused approach is second to none.

If you have any questions or queries in relation to a legal matter or require any other legal assistance, please Contact Us on info@mlawyers.com.au